Frontend Developers
Aesthetically Talented

Only the best Frontend Developers, who are well versed in cutting-edge web technologies like ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS.

Backend Engineers
Performance and Speed

Only the best Backend Engineers, crazy about performance optimisation and strong database management skillsets.

Digital Marketers
Creative and Growth-oriented

Only the best Digital Marketers, creative, innovative and pro-active. Strong in Growth Hacking Techniques

UX/UI and Graphic Designers

Only the best designers, able to conceive and translate your ideas into tangible products

How a process should be done

Work Process


Sourcing the Right Talent for you

Using 9cv9 powerful and proven Sourcing methodologies, we can find the best and right talents based on your business needs, requirements, and salary range

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Providing a conducive workspace

We house your talents in our Tech Hub, a co-working space whereby they will get maximum attention from us and maximum productivity for you

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Providing benefits to boost them and your results

We will provide employee benefits on our side such as free WIFI, coffee and tea, security, parking, and performance review to perk up your talents

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Monitoring and Tracking

With our voyeuristic nature to watch over your talents, we ensure they don’t skive and laze around during official working hours.

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Why Choose Us?

We have the talents, and the processes ready to help you build your tech team offshore in Vietnam

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Save Cost

Developers in Vietnam are 50% cheaper on average than your home country. Pay from USD750 to USD3,000 a month for our talents

Right Talent

With our extensive Recruitment networks, we’ve the quantity and quality for you to choose the talents from.


We ensure confidentiality and codes are secure and managed on our side, and making sure you are able to sleep peacefully at night.

Why Offshore?

Offshoring is simply the process of getting work done in another country. You take an activity and move to an...

Why Vietnam? and Why Ho Chi Minh City?

On a Friday afternoon, the Information Technology Park on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City appears to be abandoned....

Prime Place for Startups – Vietnam

HO CHI MINH CITY —  There’s a short but not-so-simple question facing Vietnam’s technology startup fans: Now, what? The communist...

Our vision is to create the next generation Tech Hub of Asia.

A Passionate Team Driving the Vision

We envision the next Silicon Valley in Vietnam, one that is powering the software capabilities of companies in the world.

We hunt for the best Tech Talents in Vietnam

Using our innovative blend of Digital Marketing, and Recruitment, we are able to target and acquire the best tech talents in Vietnam.

ReactJS12 developers
NodeJS20 Developers
Facebook Ads Management30 Digital Marketers
UX/UI10 Designers

About clients reviews

What Clients Say?

Curated recommendation of suitable interns after understanding business needs.

Keith Teo - CEO, Raydar (Singapore)

Very helpful team and an awesome source of quality candidates and interns.

Daniel Campbell - VP, Codelink (Multinational)

9cv9 team is by far the best recruiter I have worked with in Vietnam. The team is very responsive and helpful. They looked into your hiring requirements and understand who you are looking for. Also, I am impressed with their persistency in sourcing despite how challenging it is. Well done, team 9cv9. All the best!

Jun - HR officer, Piktochart

Frequently Asked Questions

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As we do not require our clients to pay upfront fees or put a deposit with us, the client is basically getting FREE access to our developers prior to employment period. We only charge when the employment period starts, on the first day.

There have been past cases of rogue clients getting in touch with our developers for interviews, coding tests and not hiring them in the end. In those cases, we don’t get paid, even though we have expended time and resources to source the best talents for them.

Imagine if we were to release the full contact details of our developers prior to probation…

Our probation period for our services is two calendar month (60 days). If the talent leave before the end of the probation, we will offer one replacement talent for FREE. If we cannot find a replacement talent within three months of termination, we will refund 30% of the fees paid.

Beyond the one month period, we don’t have any assurance for the sourcing service. We advise our clients to have a nurturing Employer-Employee environment, competitive pay structure and maintaining close communication and understanding with the talents.

For talents successfully hired from us, we will not target them in a 1-year window period for other job offers as long as the talents do not quit the job of their own accord or do not get terminated.

The One-Time sourcing fee is for the searching, communicating, setting up of interviews and coding tests, HR consulting, and other actions necessary to get you the best tech talent in Vietnam. There is no deposit or payment upfront. If you are not happy with the talent we source, please don’t start the employment period.

The Monthly offshoring fee is for housing the talents at our offices in Vietnam, giving them a conducive environment to work, which includes but not limited to fast WIFI, table and seat, free snacks and coffee. We also provide legal, HR and monitoring services (at extra costs) to make sure the developers don’t skive on your dime.

Please send an email to with the title “Interested in the Sourcing and Offshoring services” and our customer service officer will get in touch with you

Alternatively, you can whatapps +65 9800 2612.

The whole process are:

  1. We will need to sign two contracts: Sourcing and Offshoring. Please send your company name, company address, business registration number/tax code, person who is signing it, his/her position in the company, his/her number and email for us to pre-fill the contract template and send over.
  2. Read and if the contract is ok, sign it and send back to us
  3. Send us your JD for the talent(s) you wish to hire
  4. We will source and within one or two weeks, will send over CVs (that have their contact details removed) to your company
  5. If you are happy with the CVs, let us know which one to set up an interview with.
  6. Once the interview, coding tests, assessment centres, are done, and you are happy with the talent, please send us the official offer letter no later than one week before the talent starts the probation
  7. We will issue an invoice once both parties sign the employment contract or the Candidate starts the employment period, whichever is earlier.
  8. For offshoring model, please let us know whether you will be taking the individual or office package for the talent.

For the sourcing service, the invoice will be sent once both parties have signed the employment contract or when the Candidate starts the employment period, whichever is earlier. The invoice shall be payable within 30 calendar days or there will be a late charge penalty of 8%

For the offshoring service, the invoice will be send 7 days before the start of the service and payable before the service commerces. If payment is not made, the service will not start.