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Posted by gilbertneo | 31 January 2018
9cv9 Salary Guide for IT developers in 2018

Executive Summary Fullstack developers earn an average of $1,935 Developers who has 5 years and above experience earn an average of $2,462 Developers in Ho Chi Minh city earn an average of $1,778 This has been a question asked ad nauseam, "What is the salary level of the developers in Vietnam?".   To clear the...

Posted by gilbertneo | 31 August 2018
Comparison of Singapore and Vietnam Tech Developers’ Salary

Recently, Tech In Asia released a Salary Guide of web developers in Singapore. This piques our interest to investigate the salary differences between Singapore Developers and Vietnam Developers. As many would have known by now, Vietnam is a major software development hub in Asia, with companies such as Fossil, Carousell, Ninjavan, Honestbee, Shopback and Grab,...

Posted by gilbertneo | 02 October 2019
How good are the Vietnamese Developers?

Many people usually asked me this, “How good are the Vietnamese developers?”

Posted by gilbertneo | 19 July 2018
Increasing demand for IT labor force in HCM city in the last 6 months of 2018

  HCMC needs an additional 148,000 jobs in the next 6 months, the demand for human resources in Information Technology increases by 5.03% compared to the same period last year. Ho Chi Minh City Labor Market Information and Forecast Center (Falmi) has released a survey report on labor market analysis in the first 6 months...

Posted by gilbertneo | 24 December 2017
Prime Place for Startups – Vietnam

HO CHI MINH CITY —  There’s a short but not-so-simple question facing Vietnam’s technology startup fans: Now, what? The communist country was not immune to the startup craze that swept the globe, but much of the early period was spent talking about tech and all the local potential. In what could be called the next...

Posted by gilbertneo | 20 July 2018
The potential of Blockchain Technology in Vietnam economy

  1. Definition of Blockchain According to experts, Blockchain is the technology that stores and transmits information by blocks that are linked together and expanded over time. Each block contains information on the initialization time and is associated with the previous block. Blockchain is designed to avoid data changes. The information in the blockchain can...

Posted by gilbertneo | 10 January 2019
Vietnam Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance in 2019

                                                                                      Source: ketoantienluong.vn Summary of the insurance contribution Each month, the Employer deducts 10.5% from the Employee’s gross monthly salary and an additional 21.5% of the Employee’s gross monthly salary to pay for social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance funds. Specifically, social insurance is allocated as the following: Social insurance paid by enterprises: 17,5% (...

Posted by gilbertneo | 18 July 2018
Why companies should invest in DaNang city, Vietnam?

Danang: City Demographics: Region: Central Vietnam Population: approximately 1 million Area: 1,285 km2 Gross City Production: $3,5 billion (2016) Tourism revenue: $711 million (2016) City's export turnover: $1.3 billion (2016) Latest Unemployment Rate: 3.8% (2016) Per Capita Personal Income: $3,059 (2016) Administrative units: 8 districts (rural, suburban and urban) No. of expats: more than 5,000...